Because of my love for the ocean I wanted to give something  back. To
acheive the club head weight in my putters I use a lead insert, and lead is
not cheap these days. So I decieded that I would start snorkling around
Maui spots where I've seen some of the local shoreline fisherman fish at.
Being a fisherman my self I know that know matter how hard you try
sometimes your line is going to break, you don't wish for it because that
cost money(
hooks, weights, line,ect...).The first time I went I didn't realize how
much trash I would see along with the lead weights. So I went and got a
mesh dive bag, some gloves, a knife, and pliers .Now when I go not only
do I get the lead I will pick up any trash I see.   On a good trip I'll get
between 15- 30 lbs of lead, and fill most of my dive bag with all kinds of