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It's not all work
March of 2008 for the Fred Hall Boat and Fishing tackle
show in Long Beach California All four of us got
together for the first time ever on the Mainland. Pictured
from left to right-Myself (Steve), Keola, Hal (Keli'i Koa),
and Jamie (Pono). Keola and Hal (two center) were the
inspiration for developing the concept of marlin lure to
Nothing better than taking friends fishing and
finding them. This day we got 3 spearfish and
a blue marlin all tag and release. Picture is of
Jamie on left,myself and Mike my deckhand.    
Not seen is Hale and Bill Depriest editor of
Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine, who
wrote an article on the trip(the 2008 July issue)
Theres nothing better than having Mom come to Hawaii for some fun. Not only
did we play some fun golf( this is the Experience at Koele course on the island
of Lanai) she took her first deep sea fishing trip and got a 27# ono and this big
40# mahi. It doesn't get much better than that.
All tell you what if you ever get a chance to swim with a whale shark do it.
This was one of the best experience of my life. I can't tell you how cool it was
to swim with something that big. This was my first time swimming with one,
I've seen 3 other while living in Maui. I can't wait to see the next one.
Theres nothing like running a lure for the
first time and seeing that it works. This
is a KK Pono lure catching a 200+ lb.
Tuna in July 04 thanks Hal.
Life can be roufe when you run the
show. Max,Poka,and litted Ridder
taking a brake.