About Us

Six years ago I moved to Maui to work on Charter boats. Shortly after
moving here I met Hal Pestana who knew I was working on fishing boats
and presented me with one of his custom lures to welcome me to the Maui
fishing clan. Little did he know that lure was about to change a lot of peoples
lives-including his own. The lure he gave me not only produced choke fish,
but also started what has become a great friendship. That lure also brought
back the passion Hal had to make lures which had been gone for many
years. Not only did Hal and I have a passion for Golf or as Hal would say,
“Chasing that little white ball”. One day while playing Golf with Hal on the
Island of Lanai Hal showed me a putter he had received in a silent auction at
a gun show. It was a replica of a 20 guage shotgun shell made of purple
heart wood. After seeing it I asked him if he thought we could make a putter
using a marlin lure like the ones he was making. His reply was, “I’m not sure,
why not” little did I know where this would head…..
Now that I had the idea it was time to figure out how to make it happen.
First I checked out to see if anyone had ever made one, turned out know
one had . Now I needed to talk to a golf club maker. Thats where Keith
Anderson owner of South Maui golf & repair(
as seen on the right in photo). As I
was asking lot of questions Keith stop me and said " can you make the
club head weight true to a real putter?" My response was sure because I
use lead for my insert. Keith said if I can well now I've made the a usable
putter not something just to hang on the wall. With lots of tries I was able
to almost match the club head weight in both my putters styles to what
the USGA remands in a putter.   Keith is also the one that installs all my
shafts and grips on my putters, I owe him lots of thanks for this help and
insight mahao. If on Maui and you need any help you your clubs or have
any other golf questions give Keith a call (808 879-5705)