Maui Fishin Lures
We are now offering a full line of fishing lures
from the 4.5 heads to the big 14in. heads.
They come skirted or not, mylar,painted,shell
panel, lai skin.Couston orders also, you call it
and we'll make it.
                        THE TUNA CLONE                                    
This strait runner uses 4.5 skirts,most guys  run it with dbl
claw hook. It has a good weight and runs well, Has caught
mahi in Maui, tuna off San Diego And wahoo in Florida, the
fish seem to like it.     
         This is a 4.5 lure, the head tappers smaller at the skirts,it
also has concave nose. Has allot of pop for such a small fry.
This lure has caught lots including mahi, tuna and missed marlin.
Maui Fishin lures  offers 50% off a lure
when you send  pictures of fish caught
on one of our lures For more info
contact us at
          The KP2 named after the Kelppe which I help Hal of KK
Maui lures make. Different in weight and shape, this bullet style
head has a great wiggle to it.
It takes 7in skirts, has caught lots
of fish mahi, tunas up to 180#s, and has had a few nice marlin
on it also..
John and Mary with a nice Kawakawa
(tuna), they caught on a small Kolohe
while fishing on Strike Zone in Maui.
A nice 15#  mahi caught
on a med kolohe
The crew of the boat ReelHooker
Greg,Chris,Peter with charter
and an 180# AHI caught on a
KP2 good going guys.
A nice stripe marlin that was T/R useing
an KP2 Pop lure. Photo from Tom
Martineau of thanks for
fishing with me.
Deckhand Rich and Ann Martineau with
a mahi mahi she caught using a black
7" kohole. Thanks to
for the great photo.
4.5 KOLOHE BULLET              This is an bullet shape
with some back taper at the skirts. Great lure for small
tunas and other game fish but don't be fooled it has
hook some big fish
           5" THE DART                          This straight runner
has been a winner for tunas,yellowtails,mahimahi,and has
even raised some marlins.
            THE KP POP                      
This 7 " lure is the same shape as
the KP2 but with a concave nose
great strait runner with alittle pop has
caught everything
        7"  KOLOHE                 This is
a  lure with a big pop for it size runs
good at any spot in the pattern
A nice kawakawa tuna caught
on an med kolohe
         7 " KOLOHE BULLET               
This is a really nice strait runner that
will pop from time to time do to the
way the nose is rounded, also has
back tapper.