THE PUTTER HEAD          
This an strait tube shaped lure
concaved nose for lots of
splash, takes 12" skirts
   OFFSET PUTTER HEAD           
Same shape as the putter we did
added a second brass tube to run
the lure offset which makes it swim
alot more.
This is a 14" slant nose lure with
alot of swim and even more
splash to it. The head does back
tapper to the skirts.   
       14" BULLET HEAD                
This is a very simple strait runner
is big and runs great on the corner
              THE BRUTIS                                   
This the biggest lure we make and it's a big
one 16" skirts. The lure has a second tube
inside which is angled so it gives you two
different ways to run it strait or offset so it
swims either way it runs awesome.
T/R spearfish caught on an
all black putter head
491# blue marlin on the offset
putters head
A 35# mahi that was caught on an
offset putter head
Another nice mahi on the offset putter head
caught by Megan. Hour later the same lure
raised and hooked a 400+ blue marlin, we
lost it after a short fight.
SHIRTS    short sleeve  
$18-21. long sleeve $23-26,
and tank tops $15-18.