This 12" lure is like a tube lure concave
nose, long body but the putterhead has a
second brass tubing in it which allows you to
run it offset and makes for lots more actions
T/R spearfish caught on an
all black putter head
491# blue marlin on the offset
putters head
A 35# mahi that was caught on an
offset putter head
Another nice mahi on the offset putter
head caught by Megan. Hour later the
same lure raised and hooked a 400+ blue
marlin, we lost it after a short fight.
short sleeve  $18-21. long sleeve
$23-26, and tank tops $15-18.
Kolohe Bullet
This 9" bullet shape straight runner
has good weight and runs well on
the corners
9" rider
This is a great swimming lure with
some weight to it
This 9" lure with it's bigger slant head an
long back tapper gives it really good action
in the water and the heavier weight keeps it
the water
This 10" slant nose shape has great
action, the main reason is that insert is
belly weighted so it make it swim truer
Slant Nose Putterhead
Also a 12" lure long straight body with
heavier lead insert and slant nose face