It not always about taking the fish I
do push tag and release allot if
you can. This day was all release
a small blue on live bait and three
out of four on shortnose spear fish.
         LG KOLOHE                        
This is the largest kolohe I make it's
a 9" lure with alot of pop runs great
on the rigger.
         9" KOLOHE BULLET               
This lure seems to run good no mater
were you put it great tuna lure.Good
weight and also has some back tapper
will pop now and then.
       MAX                         Max
is a 9" lure the same shape     
as the KP2 just bigger.
MAX                           Similar shape
as Max 9" but we've made the nose
concave so it has allot of pop to it.   
140# Ahi caught on a 9" Kolohe
This 38# mahi was taken on a
lilttle evil
Short nose spearfish caught on a
mad max.
One proud angler with a 30#
spearfish caught with 9" kolohe
          LITTLE EVIL                       
This is an 9" slante nose shape with
alot of action most everyone thinks
it's a 12 lure when they see it run. It
has raised some nice fish.
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