THE SHOWS                         I try
to do as many show as I can. Two shows in for the Fred Hall boat
and tackle in March one in Longbeach and one in Delmar. Those
shows I'm with Kens Custom Reel. Also on Maui I do Whale days in
Kihei in Feb. A few trips to the swap meet. On Ohau I do the
Seafood festival in Oct.
Hal and I at the 2010 Seafood festival on Ohau.
Poor sales, but had a fun trip. Sometimes you
take the good with the bad, will get them next
Back in the day my first display
was at the Swap meet. I sold 5
putters that day.
This is the first year at Whale days
in Kihei fun show lots of people for
one day show.
2008 FRED HALL SHOW                             This
was one of the first big shows I did, it was in Long
Beach I was in the Ken's Custom Reel booth.
2011 FRED HALL SHOW               
Alot has changed in short time now I'm
also making lures, weapons and marlin
bill plaque mounts.
2015 Fred Hall Show Long Beach
2013 Fred Hall Show Del Mar
2014 Dive an Fish Expo