These one of a kind putters are the first of their kind, all hand crafted-no two
are the same. These are made out of clear casting resin with a lead insert
properly weighted to match the standard putter weights recommended by
USGA.  These come in two styles, a tube putter which is similar to the
standard putter, and the Bullet Putter which is similar to a mallet putter.
Color variations for all putters are limitless.  Putters can be made with
business cards, business logos, custom lettering, or even photos.
Maui bill mounts is division of Maui Fishing Putters. Specializing in marlin bill
mounts that are done one of two ways. First the standard plaque mount or
stand up mount, the second way is the bill finished as a replica of a Polynesian
Polynesian Weapon          
Hawaiian knuckle duster
Standard Plaque Mount
Maui Fishin offers a range of Hawaiian style fishing lures from the 4.5 heads to the
big 16" lures all are hand made in Hawaii. Lures are made to order with or without
skirts, we have plenty of heads in stock in all different colors and styles. Custom
orders also if we don't have it we can make it. ( mylar,shell panel,lai
skin,dyes,pigments,pearls,custom lettering,etc.)
       WOOD HOOKS AN TROPHY'S           
Maui Bill Mounts is now making decorative
wood hooks and wood hook trophy's using
different types of native Hawaiian woods.